Woman carjacked feet from her front door in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Carjacked feet from her front door.

A college English tutor told police she just got back to her apartment after her niece gave birth when a gun was held to her head.

"It happened so fast," she told WREG.

She asked to remain anonymous since the suspect remains on the run.

"He had one of those masks, like a surgical masks they give you when you're sick or something," she said.

He walked right up to her and, "just put the gun in my face saying, 'Give me your keys, give me your keys!'"

She threw the keys at him and then watched her 2016 Blue Elentra speed out of her complex on Breedlove Monday night around 8 p.m.

"He didn't turn the light on until he got the stop sign. I knew once he made a right, he was headed towards the expressway," she said.

Police got to the scene not long after.

This is now another carjacking investigation they're trying to solve.

Just this year, MPD's crime tracker showed there have been more than 30 carjackings reported in the city.

MPD also told us carjackings are becoming more common since 2015.

You can see a steady rise in the violent crime. MPD says they're working hard to solve every case and are increasing patrols where they happen.

"I can't sleep. I have to sit up and just talk to someone on the phone when I lay down. It constantly replays in my head," said Monday's victim.

She said take it form her, don't let your guard down. Not even for a second.

"It hurt me to hear that people take things you work hard for," she said.

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