Live at 9: Confederate statues, ‘The Color Purple’ and murder house lawsuit

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Mediation and the Confederate statues

In Memphis, the issue of what to do with the Confederate statues recently removed from former city-owned parks is back in the headlines. Mediation will begin soon between Memphis Greenspace, the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the City of Memphis.

Mayor Jim Strickland talks about the process on Live at 9.

Salary negotiations

According to a recent survey, nearly 30 percent of workers plan to look for a new job this year. Whether you’re seeking a new position or plan to stay where you are, be sure you don’t sell yourself short. The majority of American workers are not negotiating their salary.

Chris Compton with Office Team explains why that’s a bad move.

Watercooler Wednesday

Michelle McKissack, Latty and Todd Demers answer some tough questions about all the news that’s making the rounds on social media, including the recent reveal of Barack and Michelle Obama’s official portraits for the National Portrait Gallery. Does Mrs. Obama’s portrait look like her and what’s with the former President’s hand?

Omarosa continues to dish inside information about the White House, while on Celebrity Big Brother. She recently talked about the President’s tweets and even called Vice President Mike Pence “scary” and “extreme”. Is she credible?

Plus the California family living in the infamous “murder house” from “American Horror Story” are suing the former owner and the real estate company because they say there were never told about the obsessive fans.

Our panel discusses whether they have a case.

Finally, our guests dish on what they’re doing for Valentine’s Day.

The Color Purple

It was a smash hit on Broadway and now the Tony-and Grammy-winning revival of “The Color Purple” will be making its debut in Memphis this week. The only place you can see it is at the Orpheum Theatre. 

Carla Stewart, who stars as Shug Avery, talks about the production and performs on Live at 9.

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