Convicted felon arrested, accused of firing shots at repo man

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A convicted felon is once again behind bars after being accused of opening fire on a repo man.

The incident happened Tuesday in the 4500 block of Lawrence Avenue.

A Tri-State repossession employee was reportedly picking up a silver Ford Mustang in the neighborhood when the suspect, Mack Benton, fired multiple times using both a Mossberg .22 pistol and a burgundy semi auto 9 mm pistol.

He was able to hide the guns before police arrived on the scene.

While investigating the scene, a neighbor told police he was at home with his wife and four children when the shots were fired. One of the bullets struck his front door.

He and the employee were both able to identify Benton as the shooter.

According to police records, Benton has previously been convicted of theft of property, meaning he isn't allowed to have a gun in his possession. Both weapons were recovered from the scene.

Benton is now facing gun possession charges as well at multiple counts of aggravated assaults.