Woman accused of throwing chemical in man’s face to appear in court

CORDOVA, Tenn. — The woman accused of dousing an auto repair shop owner with gas fluid is scheduled to appear in court later this week.

On January 1, WREG's Zaneta Lowe reported on the alleged attack against Bassam "Sam" Aljundi at Cordova Automotive.

"My eyes started burning like crazy," he told her at the time. "That's all I can imagine is, 'I'm going blind. I'm going blind!"

Just days before he spoke with us, Aljundi was inside the shop on Patriot Drive when a "disgruntled" customer took out her anger on the store owner, police said.

Aljundi said it all began after mechanics checked the customer's brakes. She didn't seem to like the repair options.

"I said 'Ma'am you need brake pads and rotors.'"

Aljundi told WREG the customer responded, using profanity, saying she would not purchase the rotors.

"I said, 'No problem. I cannot do the brakes, because it's not going to do anything...just changing the pads,'" Aljundi said.

That's when things escalated. As Aljundi took another call, the woman allegedly grabbed a canister of flammable fuel additive, poked a hole through the safety seal and then walked towards the counter where the shop owner was. She reportedly disconnected the call and then threw the liquid in the shop owner's face.

The liquid got into Aljundi's eyes and on his face, causing him to have blurred vision and difficulty breathing.

At the time, police told WREG no charges had been filed, but they knew who the suspect was. She was eventually identified as 20-year-old Makeila Moore.

Moore was arrested at the end of January and is scheduled to appear in court this week.

She was charged with aggravated assault.