Candlelight vigil held for two teens shot and killed in Berclair

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil for two teens who were shot and killed in Berclair.

18-year-old Nicholas Millican and 17-year-old Audrea Reed were gunned down while walking together with friends on Macon road near Kingsbury High school on Friday.

Now, we're learning a little bit more about what happened before shots were fired.

Tears, pain and frustration were visible on a somber night for hundreds who gathered during the vigil.

"This is just scary, especially being a mother and being a teacher. It's just scary that senseless violence is going here," said a parent.

Candles and balloons were in the hands of everyone there, but so many are still trying to wrap their head around around why this happened.

"I considered this a pretty safe neighborhood. Kingsbury is a safe school for them to be killed within a few feet. It keeps running through my mind. It could have been my son," the parent said.

It started with a simple walk to the store on with a few friends on Macon and Maria.

Kaliyah Boltice says she was with Nicholas and Audrea when this man approached them, trying to pursue her.

She says Millican stood up for her, and that's when things turned deadly.

"We couldn't hear the actual words when they were talking back and forth. We just know they had words. The next thing you know, there were shots," she said.

Her best friends were gunned down right before her eyes.

"When it happened, I froze. I didn't know what to do," Boltice said. "I was in shock, I couldn't move. I was scared. That was my girlfriend and Nick was my brother. It was senseless. It was about him trying to talk to me. Like, he killed two people for no reason."

If you have any information about the killer, call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.