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Teenager shot and killed walking home from school

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friends and family said an 18-year-old Kingsbury High graduate was shot and killed while walking home from school Friday evening.

Witnesses identified a second victim as a teenage girl.

Police said she was at Regional One Medical Center in critical condition while doctors worked to save her life Friday night.

The community is now in mourning for her friend.

Jennifer Holmes said the young man who died was her daughter's boyfriend.

"I`m just at a loss for words right now," Holmes said.

She said he was walking home with friends excited to see his girlfriend, her daughter, for a fun weekend ahead.

"They just was planning for prom, going to pep rally tonight," Holmes said. "He just went to the store to get something."

Witnesses said the two victims had just left a store on Macon Road when someone approached them and fired.

Police haven`t released more information about how they knew each other or a potential motive.

Joanne Moore said the man who died was her 18-year-old great-nephew.

"He was a good, hard-working kid and he didn`t deserve to get killed. He had the rest of his life to live. And now he wo'nt be able to," Moore said.

She said he had just graduated from Kingsbury High and was working at Stepherson`s grocery while he figured out what to do next in life.

"He was a good, hard-working kid and he didn`t deserve to get killed," Moore said.

"I know his family. They`re really great people and I hate this because he is his mom`s only child. It's really hard. We`re gonna be there and support him," family friend Jennifer Whorton said.

"We all have to get together to guide these children cause they too young just dying for nothing," Holmes said.