Student shot outside Nashville high school

NASHVILLE, Tenn — A 17-year-old student was injured in a shooting outside a Nashville high school Friday afternoon.

NewsChannel 5 in Nashville reports the incident happened shotly after school got out.

Family members identified the victim as 17-year-old DeMario Crowder.

According to police, Crowder appeared to run toward a Chrysler 300 that had been stolen early Friday morning. The car had been left running, unattended, and unlocked.

Police said it doesn’t appear to be a suspect vehicle as Crowder may have actually been running toward the car for help, but the driver fled the scene. The Chrysler 300 has not been recovered.

Officials with the Nashville Fire Department said he was shot in the back. NewsChannel 5 reports, family members said he was taken to a local hosptial in critical condition where he underwent surgery. The said he was “not doing well in surgery.”

Crowder is third of six children.

Students told NewsChannel 5 they heard multiple shots fired in the incident. Officials said two school resource officers heard the shots and ran outside to give aid to Crowder.

A suspect has not been taken into custody, but officials said the person fled the scene. The school was placed on lockout which was lifted just before 4 p.m. Students who were left on campus were escorted home by staff unless a parent picked them up.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said they would provide extra security at the high school’s basketball game.