Man arrested, accused of kidnapping, stealing man’s tax refund

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 20-year-old North Memphis man is recovering after police say he was kidnapped and robbed of his tax refund money.

Memphis Police say Cortez Givens and another man took the victim's money.

"I thought that was my life right there," Lucliff Giles said.

One word describes how he's feeling: "Nervous."

He can't sleep since he told police he was kidnapped not far from a market off Chelsea. He was leaving the market after he had just cashed his income tax check worth more than $500.

While he was at the store a man he knew from the neighborhood as "Kenny" was talking to him.

Otis Howard was there too. He tries to watch out for people in the area and said he had a bad feeling.

"I told him to put his money up," Howard said. "Be safe. Don't trust nobody. I told him that about three or four times."

When Giles went outside "Kenny" followed him and talked to him about a job.

Then, they separated, Giles walked one way, "Kenny" the other.

However within minutes a car came up beside Giles, he said "Kenny" and another man, Cortez Givens, forced him inside and locked the doors.

Giles said the two then drove him several miles to The Cove apartments.

Giles says they took his tax money, threw him out of the car and took off.

Givens admitted to officers to picking up "Kenny" and Giles but says he didn't kidnap or rob Giles.

Howard is glad Giles is OK and says cases like this one is why he tries to stay alert.

"That's why I be watching."

He wants you to do the same.

At last check we are not sure what happened to "Kenny" as far as we know he is still wanted by police.

Givens is set to face a judge February 12.