Loved ones of man found dead at MPD impound lot react to recent arrests

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis police are looking for the third person connected to the armed robbery that ended in a man’s body being left in the police impound lot for seven weeks.

Detectives have tied Mardracus West, 19, and Earl Brown, 20, to the crime. They’re charged with several crimes, including the murder of Bardomiano Hernandez.

It’s not easy for Maris Morales to talk about the death of her child’s father.

“[He was] a nice person, a good father, lovely person," said Morales through tears.

Police say Hernandez was shot in the back of a van during an armed robbery in December.

He was with two other victims when it happened, but his body sat in the back of the van undetected for seven weeks at the police impound lot.

"Every crime scene is supposed to be checked, everything, they didn’t even in the impound lot, they just took the van like that and they didn’t check, that’s not right.”

She says police had her identify Hernandez’s body using a picture of his face and says officers told her he’d been shot in the chest.

Morales says she is confident that he would still be alive if they had found his body. She said it makes her angry.

Bernardo Calderon, who used to work with Hernandez, also wonders what would have happened.

“What if he could have been alive, injured but alive and if they would have found him, he possibly would be alive now," said Calderon. “He was a hard-working man, humble, a worker, a good father.”

Morales says she won’t be happy until the third suspect is behind bars and when the officers who neglected to see Hernandez’s body are held responsible.

“I just want justice for him because it’s not fair what the cops did at work," she said.

She said she does plan on seeking legal action for this case.

If you have any information about the third suspect still out there, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.