Twenty-five indicted in Major Stackz Entertainment gang bust

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Twenty-five alleged gang members have been indicted on charges related to drug distribution and money laundering, federal justice officials in Memphis said Thursday.

“We believe we have dismantled the Major Stackz Entertainment street gang.” said Michael Dunavant, United States Attorney for the Western District of

Eighteen of the 25 suspects were rounded up Wednesday, officials said, most of them from the  Memphis area.

The Major Stackz Entertainment gang allegedly trafficked methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Officials said drugs, guns and cash had been seized in connection with the operation, which began in March.

The suspects were indicted in January but the indictment remained sealed until Thursday as officers and agents rounded up suspects.

Punishments could range from 10 years to live for suspects, Dunavant said.

Dunavant said the gang was concentrated near the intersection of Kerr and Pillow streets, which is in South Memphis.

The 18 suspects in custody are:

Jarvis Cooper, a/k/a/ J Bo J Bizzle 31, Memphis, Tennessee
Terence Harper, a/k/a/ Red 44, Memphis, Tennessee
Jackie Arnold, a/k/a Jackie Red 47, Memphis, Tennessee
Joseph Newberry, 40, Memphis, Tennessee
Pamela Perkins, 28, Memphis, Tennessee
Anthony Jones, a/k/a Squirt, 24, Memphis, Tennessee
Calvin Myers, a/k/a CJ, 20, Memphis, Tennessee
Antonio Worles, a/k/a Joe ,19, Memphis, Tennessee
Sandreka Wright, 34, Memphis, Tennessee
Delbert Harrison, a/k/a Clay, 30, Henning, Tennessee
Sanitory Campbell, a/k/a Toe, 43, Memphis, Tennessee
Antwan Miles, a/k/a Twan, 20, Memphis, Tennessee
Darnell Ward, a/k/a D, 37, Memphis, Tennessee
Amanda Harrison, 35, Henning, Tennessee
lberto Chavoya, 34, Memphis, Tennessee
Daryl Mason, a/k/a/ D, 28, Memphis, Tennessee
Tim Scotto, 53, Cordova, Tennessee
Sergio Lopez, 34, Compton, California