State’s first manicurist school offers hands-on opportunity

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The beauty industry is big business and new school in Memphis is offering those who want to be manicurists a way to finish school faster and get to work sooner, thanks to a bill sponsored by state Rep. Antonio Parkinson.

The Nail Institute of Memphis opened last fall and 26 students are enrolled. It's a fast track for those who are ready to get into a salon and work.

You no longer have to attend a full service cosmetology school. You can attend a nail-only school and get your 600 hours of nails only.

It's not only a faster way to get trained nail technicians but it's also more cost effective for students.

Cosmetology school costs around $15,000 while nail school is $3,050."

And there's the opportunity to get hands-on experience.

It's about 30 weeks, so it's about seven and a half months of theory in the classroom, then students take the exit exam provided by the school. Once they pass they exam, the school places them into salons all over the city.

One of those salons is September Nails Salon in Germantown. Owner Jennifer Purnell says the partnership with the nail institute is a perfect match.

"We train them and then we have the opportunity to release them out so it helps build our team as well," Purnell said.

Purnell, who has a corporate background, opened September Nails five years ago. She's a stickler for finding the most talented and most professional nail technicians for her salon.

"if someone is diabetic their pedicure should look differnt than somone else's. If they are on particlar medication, if they are pregnant, their pedicure should look different from someone else, so if they don't have the necessary training, they don't know how to care for those folks in those situations."

if you're looking to paint a brighter future for yourself in the nail industry, the Nail Institute of Memphis might be the place to see you dreams take shape.