Poinsett County woman helps save police officer wrestling with suspect

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POINSETT COUNTY, Ark. — A Poinsett County woman is being called a hero.

A Marked Tree Arkansas Police Sergeant says Lauren Kincaid was in the right place at the right time and is crediting her with helping to save his life.

She was recognized by the department with cake and a certificate of appreciation.

The officer was in a scuffle with a suspect and unable to reach his radio for help when Kincaid stepped in.

"For her to put her life in danger and step up to the plate, I think she did a fantastic job and like I told her, I appreciate it," Sgt. Jackson said.

We can't show you the body camera video footage Sgt. Jackson was wearing that night, but you can listen to the recording of the confrontation, chase and scuffle.

It started when Jackson got a call a man tried to rob a 16-year-old at gunpoint.

He searched a neighborhood and found a man that matched the description.

The recording from his body camera gives insight into what he said.

" Hey, what`s going on, man? Go ahead and take your hands out your pocket for me man."

Jackson says he was forced to shoot the man  with a stun gun because he was concerned he was hiding a weapon.

But the stun didn`t take and he ran off.

"He on foot, I`m running, I`m running down Pecan Street," radioed Jackson.

Jackson caught up to him and the two began to wrestle.

"I started giving those loud commands hoping someone would hear me, kept telling him put his hands behind his back, but his hands behind his back."

Sure enough, it worked. Kincaid who was in the neighborhood heard the officer.

She recognized him from his work in the community.

Unable to reach for his radio he asked Kincaid asked for help.

" Grab my radio!"

Jackson kept giving commands. At one point during the recording you can hear Kincaid giving them as well.

"Put your hands behind your back, just put your hands behind your back. Hey, get my radio!"

"I told her just snatch it so she broke it off and she called and told them, gave them my exact location," said Jackson.

The man was arrested.

"She did she put herself at a big risk," he said.

Thankful, Jackson, a father of three, credits Kincaid with helping to save his life.

He believes it shows the power and importance of having strong community and police relations.

"I'm glad that she recognized the type of officer that I am and the stand up guy that I try to be and she was able to step up to the plate and say 'Hey, I'm not going to let this happen to you.'"

Police aren’t releasing the name of the suspect.

It turns out he was not armed with a gun at the time of the fight but did have a sword that was hidden to look like a cane.

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