More than 40 car break-ins reported in Germantown this year

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Germantown Police say there have been over 40 reports of car break-ins since the beginning of the year.

One driver we spoke with, Ada Diaz, said she's had her car broken into three times before. Diaz said the first time, the crook went for her stereo and did more damage to her car than it was worth fixing.

“The next couple times it was really on me because I had left stuff in my trunk.”

She thinks someone watched her put her purse in her trunk on one incident since she did so in a public parking lot.

It’s a crime of opportunity that’s been happening across Germantown this year.

“I’m surprised to hear there have been a lot of break-ins around this area," said Diaz. "I would think it’s a safer area, but that just proves the point that crime can happen anywhere.”

Germantown police say there have been 42 car break-ins since the beginning of January. The reports range from being on streets like Apple Valley Road to businesses along Wolf River Boulevard.

“I feel like they should find something better to do instead of breaking into people’s cars, like people work hard for what they have," said Zavion Bowdery, who lives in the area.

Police recommend never leaving anything of value in your car.

“Just don’t leave anything in your car," said Diaz. "If you do have to carry stuff in your trunk, make sure you put it in before you get to where you need to be.”

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