Father with loaded gun arrested after fight at Southwind High School

Antonius Ward/ Shelby County Jail System

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —A Mid-South father is facing charges after allegedly having a gun on the Southwind High School campus after hours.

According to police documents, officers responded to the school around 6 p.m. Tuesday after receiving reports of an armed disturbance. Once they arrived they discovered Antonius Ward, his wife and daughter involved in what police described as a fight directly in front of the doors at the back of the school.

The fight continued inside the school, where multiple officers had to assist in breaking it up. All of the subjects were detained and that’s when it was discovered Ward had a gun in his possession.

Police said the weapon was loaded with six bullets in the magazine.

When questioned, the 37-year-old stated he heard a commotion and was investigating when he came upon the fight. He didn’t assault anyone during the incident and simply forgot the weapon was in his pocket, he said.

An officer on the scene confirmed he didn’t assault anyone, but Ward was still taken into custody for having a weapon on school property.