Woman accused of child neglect told police she found a newborn at McDonald’s

Nicole Jones

NORFOLK, Va. — A Virginia mother is accused of lying to hospital workers about giving birth to a baby and claiming she "found" the newborn inside a McDonald's, WTKR reports.

According to the station, Nicole Jones was charged with two counts of child neglect, one count of cruelty to a child and one count of giving a false ID to police after she arrived at DePaul Medical Center with a newborn in tow.

Instead of telling the truth, the 23-year-old told hospital staff she found the baby while eating at McDonald's, court records showed. She also claimed to have called 911 but was told it would be "a while" before an officer could respond so she took the baby to a local hospital.

Hospital officials said the baby had depressed body temperature, was in critical respiratory arrest and his umbilical cord had been cut but not clamped which resulted in significant blood loss.

Police later went to Jones’ home and found blood, a medical kit and a one-year-old boy who was crying. During an interview with police, Jones admitted to giving birth to the baby.

Court records indicate Jones used her phone to search "safe home births" and "water births." She also searched for safe haven options in Virginia.