Does It Work: The Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Steve Conley is a die-hard griller.

"I love to grill when it snows. Now, the last snow storm it got so icy it froze the grill and I had to chisel it off, and I couldn`t get to it for a while."

And he has more than one.

"Three grills now. Used to have five."

He's the perfect person to test the Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill, which claims to cook up juicy foods while the fat drains away. It comes with a copper infused non-stick ceramic grilling plate plus a black steel drip pan.

"It's going to be interesting to see if this will conduct the heat, cook things and sear it and cook it properly," Conley said.

The instructions say you can use the Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill on a gas stove or an electric one. We used Conley's gas stove burner to grill two big hamburger patties.

Conley placed the drip pan on his gas burner, added a half cup of broth to the drip pan, then placed the grilling plate on top. Next, he preheated the grill plate using medium heat.

Before placing the burgers on top, Conley seasoned them and sprayed the grill plate with a small amount of non-stick cooking spray.

"It doesn't look like anything is dripping onto the burner so that is good."

And no drips means no smoke.

When flipped, the burgers were perfectly seared and they didn't stick.

"What do you think so far?"

"I'm digging this. I like it," said Conley "If you put this into a regular skillet, you would have a kitchen full of smoke."

The bugers were seared, cooked and retained their juices.

"This is a great indoor tool to grill inside, no smoke and you know cooks like that."

Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill, you passed the Does It Work Test.