Crime around the U of M raises concerns for residents

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Residents say a neighborhood next to The University of Memphis has become a target for criminals.

People who live there are fed up and say more needs to be done.

Patrick Weeks lived in the neighborhood as a University of Memphis student 20 years ago.

He felt safe then but doesn't now after moving back in 2016.

"It's just not safe anymore. It's not safe to walk around at night. Residents really feel that way," Weeks said.

According to MPD crime reports, there have been at least 25 vehicle break-ins, 14 home break-ins and seven assaults in the area since New Years Day.

"My neighbor was actually robbed Sunday," he said.

Weeks says he and other U of M students are prime targets for thieves plaguing the neighborhood.

"They're in and out. They have technology, computers, TV's and things like that," he said.

He says he called The Memphis Police Department's Tillman Station about the problem but was told there isn't much they can do right now.

"They told me it was an issue of resources," Weeks said.

He says the normal station neighborhood association is looking at several options, like putting more cameras on houses and hiring private security. But both would likely require donations from residents, something weeks would consider. "I think it's better to do something than nothing."

Micah Pounds lives in the neighborhood and just graduated from the University of Memphis. He says raising money for security might be tough.

"There are a lot of students who rent houses as well, so there's a lot of landlords who may not want to be putting in for that. But there are a lot of students who would definitely give money for that, they would feel safer," Pounds said.

Weeks hopes something gets done soon, primarily for all the students living here. "It needs to be safe for them to be able to get an education."