City Watch issued for 86-year-old man, former neighbors question what happened to him

MEMPHIS,  Tenn.-- WREG is learning more about an elderly man who seems to have disappeared.

A City Watch was issued for 86-year-old Francis Goler Tuesday night.

He is classified as a "missing, endangered adult."

A report says Goler's daughter called police after family said they had not heard from him since December and she thinks he might have dementia.

"Ever since December I haven’t been seeing him," said former neighbor Tiffany Tucker.

That’s also the last time Goler’s daughter told police she’s heard from him.

She told officers her father might have dementia.

A City Watch, to locate Goler was issued Tuesday night, police records show family members from out of state have also been worried after not hearing from him.

Officers say they went to his last address in south Memphis and learned the 86-year-old had been evicted from his home at the beginning of January.

Tucker has been wondering where Goler has been.

"I was like I hope there is nothing wrong with pops because that was a cool man for real because we used to ride the bus everyday.”

Police records show Goler’s daughter told police he had a girlfriend she had never met.

She says when she called her dad’s phone the girlfriend answered but said Goler wasn’t there.

Goler’s daughter said when she continued to call the phone number…a man answered said she was no longer calling Goler’s phone.

WREG tried the number listed to.

The man who answered said he didn’t know him.

However those we talked to  in Goler’s old neighborhood said he was well known.

In their report officers also said they checked the Union Mission, no sign of him. They said the Calvary Mission didn’t answer their phone and the VA said last time they heard from him was December 13.

With many unknowns, Tucker hopes for answers.

"I just hope he gets found.”

We also reached out to the VA but they said privacy laws prevent them on commenting without veteran consent.

If you see Goler you’re asked to contact 901-545-2677