Memphis man faces multiple charges in sickening attack

Michael Russell/ Shelby County Jail System

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is facing serious charges in connection to a sickening attack over the weekend.

According to police, Michael Russell beat the victim with a belt before tying it around her neck and causing her to black out and defecate herself. When she regained consciousness, he reportedly stripped her naked and shoved the soiled clothing in her face before shutting her inside a small closet for an undisclosed amount of time.

Police said Russell even placed furniture in front of the door so the victim couldn’t escape.

Once released, the victim had a knife held to the back of her head and was forced to perform sex acts.

Somehow the victim was able to escape and report what had happened to police.

Officers said Russell attacked the woman because she was communicating with a friend on Facetime.

He was charged with aggravated rape, aggravated assault to wit strangulation, aggravated kidnapping and domestic violence.