Man accused of flashing, exposing himself at Church’s Chicken

MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Frayser man is facing some disturbing and strange charges.

31-year-old Larry Sutton is accused of demanding food from a Church’s Chicken and when he didn’t get it police say he pulled down his pants and flashed everyone.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time hes accused of a similar crime.

On Tuesday there was no sign of Larry Sutton at the Church’s Chicken on Frayser Boulevard.

However people WREG talked to said he’s known in the area.

“He look familiar. Look like I’ve seen him about two or three times,” said Chris Martin.

Other people said they’ve seen him at local businesses.

“I heard he was coming to the restaurants, coming to the windows and just flashing,” said Martin.

Memphis Police took their most recent report Sunday.

An employee told officers Sutton came into Church’s and demanded food.

She said instead of offering money, police say he pulled down his pants.

The employee told him to get off the property.

Police say they found Sutton at another restaurant across the street.

He was taken to jail because he refused to give the proper information to be identified.

The Church’s Chicken employee was familiar with Sutton.

Records show she had to call police back in November too.

That time she told investigators he asked for money outside the restaurant.

When she told him no, he pulled down his pants, exposing himself.

Again, he refused to identify himself so he was taken to 201 Poplar.

“I heard that he had history with that over the years but I never actually witnessed it myself but I’ve been hearing about it a lot though,” explained Martin.

WREG checked, Sutton who also goes by the alias Larry Johnson, has a long list of run-ins with the law.

However, many cases were dismissed.

Martin hopes he’s held accountable.

“That’s just absurd.”

Jail records show he’s posted bond and is due in court later this month.