Two men found shot to death in Cordova

MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Memphis police found two men shot to death inside of a car at a Cordova park Saturday morning.

Rumors of gunplay near the place where children play spread quickly on Saturday.

Police say they found two men dead inside of a car in this parking lot--the men haven't been identified.

Nobody knows how they got there or when the two men were shot.

Jason Beddingfield is a regular at the park and says stray cars aren't all that uncommon.

"It's disheartening because there are always cars here that are parked here I don't know where the occupants are," Beddingfield said.

Beddingfield says from now on he's going to pay attention to suspicious cars in the lot just in case.

"It's going to make me more aware of who is in the park. Is it safe for my son to play here?" Beddingfield said.

For Abigail Doss, the discovery doesn't sit well but she says it won't keep her family away from the park.

"Is it going to change what we do? We are still going to come here and we are still going to play and we are going to enjoy our neighborhood," Doss said.

Even as questions swirl about how the men ended up shot to death inside of a car in park gates more than anything her heart goes out to the family of the mysterious men.

"It's unfortunate and upsetting and I'm sorry for the families," Doss said.

She says this should open the floor to discussion about crime throughout the city.

"I think it just opens the conversation more to what we need to be talking about what crime looks like and that it is not specific to a neighborhood," Doss said.

Right now police not releasing a lot on this but they do want to hear from you if you know anything call CrimeStoppers at 528-cash.