Blythville man meets his sisters for the first time in 33 years

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. —  A Blytheville man gets a big surprise tonight when he meets two of his sisters for the very first time.

Terrell Rodgers didn’t have much contact with his father when he was a kid but he came back into his life when he was 14.

Recently he learned that he had three sisters from a relationship his father had during that time.

Rodger was able to get in touch with them and tonight two of his sister made a surprise trip to Memphis to meet their big brother.

“Tonight is the night I’ve met my long lost sisters and my heart is so overwhelmed with joy,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers says he’s been waiting for this moment for 33 years.

He has a big family himself. He’s the father of eight children.

Photojournalists Jonathan Knox and Brooke Billions contributed to this story.