Tipton County church leader faces sexual assault allegations

MUNFORD, Tenn. — A church leader in Tipton County is facing allegations of sexual assault, the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office says.

Tipton County Sheriff Chief Deputy Billy Daugherty says the accusations against a church leader at the Awakening Church are alarming.

“People that we trust, law enforcement, clergy, teachers, anybody in society that you trust or give a higher degree of trust to, it’s alarming when they do something,” Daugherty said.

So far two people have come forward accusing the 39-year-old, who we are not identifying because he has not been formally charged.

On Wednesday, deputies showed up to a house in Drummonds after getting a call a man was acting suicidal.

When they got to the home, he was gone but they were able to track down the vehicle he was in.

They say that suicidal person was the church leader who’s facing accusations of aggravated statutory rape.

Deputies took the church leader to Atoka for questioning and took him to get a psychiatric evaluation.

After going to Atoka, Tipton County investigators learned of another possible case in their jurisdiction.

The incident report says they learned a juvenile alleged the man had sexually assaulted, molested and raped him at the church leader’s home. The teen said that took place two weeks ago.

"We follow that up with an investigation that is very detailed, involves a lot of interviews, talking to witnesses, talking to the suspect, trying to collect any evidence that may be disclosed during the case.”

That information will then be presented to the District Attorney to see if he will face criminal charges.

The Chief Deputy says it’s important to get the word out.

"If there are other victims certainly we want them to come forward.”

No one answered the phone at The Awakening Church, no was was there Friday and social media accounts seem to have been disabled.

So far no charges have been filed.