BRIGHT SPOT: One woman’s passion brings comfort to cancer patients

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — She's helping give comfort to those going through cancer treatment.

"The real benefit is the comfort, the closeness and the fact that a lot of times people going through this feel alone, and they don't feel like they have much of anything to comfort them."

Being a breast cancer survivor herself, Jean Clark knows what it is like.

"After surviving two surgeries and eight rounds of chemotherapy, and hearing those words, 'Mrs. Clark you are in remission.'"

That's when she decided she wanted to give back to others going through the same thing.

"When I asked the question what can I do, that was it. Utilize the skills that you have to help to serve someone else — to comfort someone else."

A group of ladies work on the pillows for the cancer patients at the West Cancer Center.

Mrs. Clark pulled out her sewing machine and started making heart-shaped pillows for other patients at the West Cancer Center.

"So the pillows were a comfort to me, and Ii would even share them with them."

She made one batch of 25.

"The people have been so pleased. Volunteers that serve the people, they were like, 'Mrs. Clark, you wouldn't believe the first 25 pillows that you made were so highly received. If you feel like it, can you make ten more?'"

And then made 25 more.

The mission grew when her life group at Mississippi Boulevard started talking about a service project. They decided to carry on Mrs. Clark's mission of comfort and love.

"And so the pillows, which we now call loveys, they took off and we did 100."

Mrs. Clark just hopes her mission of love continues to bring comfort to others.

"I feel so good. I feel like I've contributed something to give back to the community — something to give back to serve others. Something people can hold onto and look back and say, 'this was my little buddy', even. This was something I could identify with love."

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