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Live at 9: Meet the world-renowned scientist helping to create flu vaccines

Fighting the flu

The flu has been particularly dangerous this year. According to the CDC, there have been 700,000 flu-related hospitalizations this season, making it one of the worst flu epidemics in the nation in years.

Doctor Richard Webby is a world-renowned infectious disease specialist from St. Jude and one of the scientists with the World Health Organization who’s working to create flu vaccines.

Dr. Webby: The Flu Shot is Not Just About You

Author Chat: Rev. Ernest Gillespie

A new book by a Memphis pastor questions whether desegregation was really the right move for African American students.

Reverend Ernest Gillespie explores the affect of the landmark Brown vs Board of Education ruling in his book “Are We Winning, or are We Losing”.

Watercooler Wednesday

In this week’s segment of Watercooler Wednesday our panel discusses the Grammy awards, Quincy Jones’ controversial remarks and the questions a divorce lawyer says you should be asking on a first date.

Spotting fake opioid treatments  

The federal government is cracking down on companies that claim to be able to treat opioid addition and withdrawal, when in fact they’re peddling a fake.

Randy Hutchinson with the Better Business Bureau explains how to tell the difference between the frauds and the real deal.