Does It Work: The Car Hooks Hangers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — From Target runs to school drop offs and pick ups, Anne Burruss is constantly on the go with her son Jack and daughter Bailey.

By the end of the week, Burruss' car has collected every paper art project the kids were involved in, the stuffed animal of the day and of course the kid's shoes.

"They'll take their shoes off in the car. So often I'll find shoes and socks in the car."

Burruss hopes the Car Hooks Hangers can help them get organized.

"Truly for them to be self-sufficient in the back of the car."

The hangers come with a set of four hooks and each one attaches to the pole connected to your headrest. Burruss snapped two hooks into place on the driver's side seat and placed a gift bag and a tote bag filled with books and puzzles on the other hook.

"Looks like it will hold. It's not bending. It's holding on," she said inspecting the hangers.


She then swapped out the gift bag for her purse, and its straps fit perfect.

Burruss then snapped the two other hooks into place on the passenger side and hung up a backpack.

"It holds the backpack beautifully. This is thin enough that it fits, and he can get in."

But what about when the car is in motion?

"Everything seems to be staying in place. And where it should be," said Burruss. "Their bag is hanging on the back and they have crayons in it. They can get it out rather than 'Mom, can you pick up what I just dropped on the floor.'"

A happy mom means Car Hook Hangers, you passed the Does It Work test.

Jack and Bailey with the new Car Hook Hangers


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