Police: Oklahoma man accused of zip tying ex in planned attack

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Thomas Phipps/ CBS Newspath


OKLAHOMA — Caller: “There is a young lady, in my front yard banging on my front door. She said that my neighbor has had her tied up.”

McCloud police were first on scene with Pottawatomie County deputies, right behind them.

They found the victim with abrasions across her body.

“Her hands were zipped tied and her legs were zipped tided, in a paracord tied to the sip ties to secure her to a bed.”

The sheriff says Thomas Phipps and the female victim dated years back, but broke-up. That woman told deputies this was the first time they’d met-up in awhile. She says she found herself bound and helpless as Phipps paced throughout the house with a pump up pellet gun.

“He had gone through the scenarios, if the pellet enters your skull, what it would do? It wouldn’t kill you, cause you a lot of pain, if it entered you liver, etc.” said Sheriff Mike Booth.

When Phipps turned his back, she broke away and made it to a neighbor’s house. Phipps chased after, but was stopped by the end of a barrel.

Caller: “My wife is holding the man at gunpoint, so…”
911: “Holding a man?”
Caller: “Yeah, there’s a man trying to take the woman back off of my yard.”

The neighbors say zip ties were still on the victim’s hands.

The sheriff says Phipps’ family owns the home and he lives in a school bus parked nearby.

He also says the alleged assault appears planned.

“We got a search warrant, went in the house, was able to find in the house and on the property, pre-maid zip ties, that were already made up.”

The sheriff says Phipps also appeared to be drunk. He’s being held at the Pottawatomie County Safety Center.

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