Teens accused of robbing and kidnapping Collierville man leaving Newby’s

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Four teenagers face very serious charges in two different Mid-South cities Monday. Collierville and Memphis Police Departments said the teens kidnapped and robbed a man when he was leaving a popular bar on the Highland Strip over the weekend.

The Highland Strip is known for bars and fun, but for one man that all changed as soon as the 28-year-old left Newby's around 4 a.m. Saturday.

"Crime is definitely something that happens here," Ben Murray, who works on the Highland Strip, said.

Memphis Police said two teens armed with guns came up to the man when he was on the way back to his truck.

They patted him down, took his keys and forced him into a car while one of them got the victim's truck and followed the other group home.

"You would never think that would happen in your community, especially after being here so long. I've never had any problem," Collierville neighbor David Skinner said.

According to police, the teenage suspects then made the victim and his parents all go to a nearby ATM to take out cash.

They also said the two 15-year-old's, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old ransacked the Collierville home before taking off.

Murray suspected they were influenced by stars who glorify crime on social media.

"They put it on Instagram. Like that's a fun thing to do, it's cool," Murray said.

"Young people today don't seem to have the values we had years ago," Skinner said.

After the teens let the family go, they were able to call 911.

Collierville Police caught the suspects a short time later in Memphis city limits.

All four teens now face a litany of felony charges, including aggravated kidnapping and robbery.

WREG asked police for any surveillance video connected to the incident.

They say they don't have any to release so far.

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