Woman uses car as weapon after a social media feud

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Police say they are looking into an aggravated assault in Raleigh that`s getting a lot of attention because of the weapon that was used.

Mashing the gas and taking dead aim at human targets.

Police say a woman turned her car into a weapon when a fight got out of hand on Thursday.

The feud between two women started on Facebook.

It appears a love triangle turned into a fist fight at the Keystone Landing apartment complex.

Police say when tempers flared one woman grabbed her keys and revved her engine.

The woman is seen speeding forward, switching gears, then reversing steering into the crowd forcing some people over guardrails just to get out of harm's way.

Eventually the driver guns it out of the complex.

Fortunately leaving victims with only minor bumps and bruises.

Tire marks the only evidence of the mayhem.

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