$10 worth of gas leads to convenience store robbery

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is accused of holding up a convenience store clerk at gunpoint, all over ten dollars worth of gas.

It happened a few weeks ago at a gas station in Raleigh.

Police say Benjamin Heard paid for and pumped ten dollars worth of gas into his car.

Only to come back in the store moments later claiming he didn’t get any.

Police say the clerk wouldn’t give him anymore.

So the 22-year-old left came back with a gun and threatened to shoot him in the face.

The clerk Sulaimen Omisen told police heard got more gas and took off.

"Ten dollars I mean it's not worth it to put the gun on somebody. Life is short," Omisen said.

"People when they have a gun they think they own the country, they own something you know?" Omisen said.

Police finally caught up with Heard Thursday.

He admitted to arguing with the clerk over gas but told police he did not have a weapon.

They didn’t buy it and charged him with aggravated robbery.

"Bad people like this we need to stop them and we need to put them in their rightful place.," Omisen said.

While many say this crime doesn’t make sense Willie Butler isn’t surprised at all.

"Ten dollars is a lot of money to some people who don't want to get out and work for it," Butler said.

"Some people get robbed and shot and robbed and killed for nothing, pennies. You know, don't even have nothing to give."

Butler says he's tired of the violence in the area.

"All this carjacking and robbery and unnecessary fighting and killing," Butler said.

He says it shouldn’t happen but it does.

"A lot of people out here just looking for something, an easy way to get over," Butler said.\

This man is accused of doing just that, all for ten dollars worth of gas.

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