Bright Spot: New juice bar brings healthy option to Whitehaven

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you are looking for a fresh new food option in Whitehaven, Quavisa Henderson invites you to try Electro Lyfe Juice Bar.

"It's the healthiest place in Whitehaven now."

It really is a family business because the idea for the juice bar came after Henderson's father was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

"Getting healthy food for him was a difficult task."

Difficult because there weren't many healthy options in the family's Whitehaven neighborhood.

"People that live in Westwood, people who live right around the corner, they have to drive to Union to get something healthy to eat."

The registered nurse says she then found something that was healthy and tasty.

"We started juicing and fell in love with it and we thought we should not only provide for our family but for the community."
Henderson says she created all of the recipes for her juices.

"Wheatgrass, ginger... We have a juice called "Sunrise"... cantaloupe, carrots, apples, strawberries."

But if you're not sure if juicing is the thing for you, Electro Lyfe Juice Bar can also make you a veggie wrap, turkey melt or even a salad.

And don't think that the juice bar is just for the elderly or sick. She's specifically targeting young people in the community.

"If we can start with them then we can eliminate some of these chronic illnesses that plagues our community."

A few days ago Henderson took to Facebook to invite people to try some of juices before the grand opening.

"She gave me a sample of it and it was amazing. I said 'I doh't care what the name of it is I want it!" said one happy customer.

"Fresh greens, spinach, kale. Just all of the nutrients we are missing from our everyday diet."

No matter what you sample, Electro Lyfe Juice Bar They're offering fresh approach to fueling your body and electrolyfe juice bar is hoping for your stamp of approval.