Blytheville police looking for suspect accused of threatening officers online

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BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — Blytheville Police are trying to track down a man who they say posted personal information online about officers and told people to find and kill police.

Tyron Dority is now facing charges for terroristic threatening and police say it all started with a drug bust.

The drug bust, Operation Street Sweeper, ended with 10 arrests and guns, drugs and money being confiscated.

But it appears the drug bust only generated more dirt.

A day or so after the arrests, police were made aware that someone was making threats towards officers on Facebook.

They say that's when a man using the name Boosie B. Dority popped in the picture threatening and encouraging people to find officers and kill them.

Police say they never take any threat lightly.

But they say, in this case, it was even more alarming that Dority used specific names of law enforcement officers and posted addresses where to find them.

He gave names of certain police officers, not just with Blytheville, but with other agencies.

At least one of the resident locations that he gave was a state police officer - another is with the Mississippi county sheriff`s department

Police discovered the man hiding behind the social media name "Boosie B" is actually 23-year-old Tyrone Dority, but they can't find him.

He disappeared.

Even his Facebook page has gone silent.

The police department has gotten tips on his whereabouts saying he's out of state, while some say he's not out of state.

WREG tried to track down Dority to get his side of things, but we found his grandmother instead.

"He was talking about a movie I guess. They took it the wrong way," his grandmother said.

And as for the addresses of officers that were posted online with orders to kill them, she acknowledges he's responsible for the rant but not those specific details.

"He said someone must have done that, because when I saw his Facebook there wasn't anything like that. No names or anything about police," she said.

His grandmother would only tell us he's not in Blytheville.

She says he's keeping in touch with her through text messages.

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