Sherra Wright heads to Memphis courtroom with high-powered attorneys

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The ex-wife of basketball stand-out Lorenzen Wright heads to court Thursday morning, and she will have high-powered lawyers standing in her corner.

After years of denying she had anything to do with her ex-husband’s murder, Sherra Wright steps into a Memphis courtroom Thursday to hear the charges against her.

WREG confirmed The Law Firm of Memphis attorney Leslie Ballin will be there to represent her.

He says the Ballin and Farese Law Firms are working out details with Sherra Wright’s family to decide if their representation is long term or only for her first court appearance.

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Steve Farese Sr. and Leslie Ballin lead defenses for many high profile clients – including Mary Winkler, another wife accused of her husband’s murder.

Winkler shot and killed her preacher husband and got away with it, because she said he physically and sexually abused her.

Winkler did’t have money for high-powered attorneys, but Ballin’s firm took the case pro-bono. Meaning, they did it for free.

“I was married to an NBA basketball player for 13 years. My watch is a car. My ring is a house. I have 12 house notes in my ear right now. I’m just saying,” Wright said.

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In an interview after Lorenzen’s murder, Wright bragged about the jewelry and money she had. But court records show lawsuit after lawsuit from various creditors.

Ballin did not say if they were discussing handling Wright’s case pro-bono as well.

There is not much expected to happen in court tomorrow.

Ballin tells WREG they’ll ask for continuance and another court date so they can have more time to decide if they’ll take Wright’s case.