Contract driver says passenger grabbed, choked her during terrifying ride

Jeffrey Kollat/ Shelby County Jail System

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South man was charged with sexual battery after a driver told police he grabbed her during a recent ride into the city.

The woman reportedly works as a contract driver and told police it all started when Jeffrey Kollat hired her to pick him up from a Southaven home on Pine Birch Place. When he got into the car he immediately grabbed her, reports say.

No other details were given, but the woman said he did it again as she was driving in the area of I-240 and Perkins. He allegedly grabbed her breast before trying to put his hands down her pants. She reached for her phone, but she says he grabbed her hand to stop her and refused to let her use it to call for help.

But the terrifying ordeal didn’t end there.

Once they arrived at the destination, the woman says he grabbed her around the neck to keep her from getting out.

The victim was somehow able to get another woman’s attention who then went for help. It ultimately took four men to get Kollat out of the vehicle.

Authorities issued an arrest warrant in the case on Tuesday and Kollat turned himself in shortly after that. He reportedly told officers he doesn’t remember the incident because he was drunk.

Kollat has since been released from jail on a $10,000 bond.

He’s scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.