Cash warms winter for Pass It On recipient

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Imagine having multiple health issues and no heat in the dead of winter.

This “Pass It On” recipient is desperate need of some help.

2018 started on a very cold note in the Mid-South.

Some schools cancelled classes, water fountains were frozen and many suffered burst water pipes.

But for those with health issues, the cold weather can be especially hazardous.

Meet our play maker, Nicole Freeman.

“I’d like to help Mr. Terrance Pierce. I work with an agency funded by the government, and I’ve been caring for him a little over a year,” she said.

Terrance has multiple health issues.

“He’s diabetic, on dialysis and is 100 percent blind in one eye. He’s 50 percent blind in the other eye. He had a stroke is paralyzed on one side,” Freeman said.

Aside from the health issues, Terrance is battling the bitter cold with no heat in his home.

“He burns the stove, which I asked him not to but he’s so used to doing it. And he sleeps with the stove on, a gas stove,” the play maker said.

It’s obvious that Freeman’s friend needs some help, so let’s Pass It On.

Terrance received $300 from News Channel 3 and an additional $300 from our anonymous donor in Nesbit, MS.

That’s a total of $600.

Freeman donated her money, bringing the total to $1,000.

Once we arrive at Terrance’s house, the first problem is very apparent.

Water is running into the street from a burst water pipe.

“Thank you. God is good,” Terrance says.

Freeman counts out the cash.

“So that’s $1,000 dollars Terrance. And you know what, there’s also a couple out in McNairy county. They love watching Pass It On. They’re a couple of business owners and would like to pass along an extra $300 dollars to you, because you need some heat.”

Terrance is very thankful.

“God is good. That’s all I can say. Yeah I’m really touched,” Terrance said. “I think we all need friends like Nicole. Let me give you another hug.”

Terrance is blessed with a friend like Freeman.