Employee accused of firing shots in Popeye’s during altercation with customers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Popeye's Chicken employee is behind bars after police say he got into an argument with a customer, then walked outside, grabbed a gun and started shooting toward the restaurant.

It's business as usual at the Popeye's on Hollywood - making it tough to tell that just one day before, bullets almost put a pause on the action at the fast food spot.

"For a guy to come out of Popeye's during work to shoot someone, that's just crazy," a customer said.

This man didn't want his face shown but says this takes customer service to new lows.

"He's not even thinking about people at the restaurant. I just feel like its crazy," he said.

Officers responded to the scene Saturday, Jan. 20.

Police say employee Kashon Henderson got into it with a customer inside of the restaurant.

They wouldn't say what the employee and customer were arguing over, but it seems Henderson was so heated he went outside, got a gun and shot at the restaurant - allegedly aiming for the woman he was upset with.

"It must have been someone he knew, because I don't know how you can just pull a gun and start shooting someone over a food order," Memphis resident Tommy Nichols said.

According to the affidavit, there were 11 people inside of the restaurant when the shots rang out.

Henderson took off running after the shooting, leading police on a brief chase.

"You weren't going to get away anyway. If you work there and you pull a gun, there's no need in running. You should have stayed. You were going to jail anyway," Nichols said.

Henderson was eventually caught and charged with aggravated assault -- as well as 11 counts of reckless endangerment for each person inside during the crime.

As word travels throughout Frayser about the employee melt down, some say its just another example of reckless violence.

"To me its senseless. There's nothing out here to just make you have to go out and grab a gun," a Frayser resident said.

In this case, Frayser residents are saying they're just glad those bullets missed their target and everyone else in the line of fire.

Henderson is currently in Shelby County Jail.