Woman claims medication mix up made her sick

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman who says she received the wrong medication at a Memphis Rite Aid is speaking out and warning others.

Bobbie McKay says she was supposed to receive muscle relaxers. Instead, she was given blood pressure medication.

“I got some pills I thought they were my muscle relaxer pills, they’re not they’re for blood pressure, I already take two different blood pressure medicines," McKay said.

WREG saw that both medications had the same label for the muscle relaxer she is supposed to take, but open them up and they look similar.

McKay said after taking a few pills she knew something was wrong and she felt sick.

“ Make your body feel funny, then I started getting dizzy," McKay said.

McKay had her daughter do some investigating and they realized she was taking Losartan. A quick Google search says it's used to treat high blood pressure.

So she contacted the pharmacy.

“At first she was telling me it was right, I said no. Because I’m used to taking these, these are the ones I’ve been taking all the time," McKay said.

The correct medication is used to treat spasms McKay says she has in her feet.

McKay says she took seven doses of what she thought was a muscle relaxer.

“I could’ve taken more than that because I can take them three times a day if I wanted to," McKay said.

She says employees at the Rite Aid have apologized but she wants to warn others.

“It’s scary to me, it’s scary to me," Mckay said.

Mckay said Rite Aid told her they are going to refund her and she now has the correct medication.

Turns out this Rite Aid is actually owned by Walgreens.

WREG has been communicating with them for an official statement about what happened but so far have not heard back.