Drivers pack car washes across the Mid-South as we get a break from the frigid weather

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Lines at car washes throughout the Mid-South are backed up now that we're finally getting a break from the winter weather.

Lawrence Evans wasn't the only driver who showed up Friday morning. He took the first chance he got to wash his car.

"Really dirty! Really dirty. Really dirty," he said as he scrubbed his car. "It's cloudy, but it's finally warm."

For the past few days, snow and ice did a number on cars.

"We're scraping ice out of the bays right now," said Christopher Little who works at The Car Wash at Poplar and Avalon.

He said he and other employees worked all morning to clear the lot, but even the ice and slush lingering on the ground didn't stop drivers from flocking.

"The car wash has been full all day. About all day," he said.

Same story a few blocks over. Mr. Pride on Union had a line almost to the street before the lunch hour. Dozens of drivers desperate to get the grime off.

"Up north, because they use so much [salt] and it stays on the cars so long, it really, really wrecks havoc on every car," said Eric Goad with Barton's Car Care.

He said fortunately, the South doesn't get much snow. That means there's not a lot of salt on the roads to really damage cars, but he still suggests you give your vehicle a good rinse.

"just wash your car. You'll be fine," he said.