Woman accused of shooting brother to death in Southaven homicide

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG has a tragic update on a Southaven murder that happened over the weekend.

Police now say the accused killer shot her own brother during an argument.

54-year-old Deborah Carroll is charged with murder.

Police say it started sometime before 11 a.m. Saturday night at a house on Pinnacle Drive.

It allegedly ended with Carroll shooting and killing her brother.

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As for what lead up to the argument or caused the argument. Police won't say, but a neighbor tells us over the last month he's heard shouting coming from the home multiple times.

Giorgio Mountini is a different neighbor who lives down the street.

He's a deputy with the Desoto County Sheriff's Department.

"You know, domestic violence calls are the most common calls we get as police officers. You know, things happen. Unfortunately, they can turn really bad. A simple argument can go to the extreme like in this case," Deputy Mountini said.

It's the only murder he's ever heard of in this neighborhood.

"It's sad to hear that it turned this way," he said.

WREG went to the house to find out what happened but were told to leave.

While murder is unusual for the neighborhood, other crime isn't.

"Cars were broken in a couple months ago here. They tried to open my patrol car in my driveway," Deputy Mountini said.

It's gotten so bad, he plans on moving.

"The neighborhood looks like it's going down a little bit," he said.

He calls what happened at the house a tragedy.

"Just a fight like that, maybe a scuffle is fine, but to get to that point is pretty bad," Deputy Mountini said.

It's bad enough that it tore a family apart.