TDOT and other local crews preparing for round 2 of winter weather

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- TDOT crews are ready to roll when the snow hits the Mid-South.

They have been preparing for the worst all day.

"We have crews out just laying brine on different bridges to prepare for the storm that's supposed to come later on today," said Christian Canady with TDOT.

Early Monday morning, TDOT said they started treating the roads, patching potholes and inspecting equipment. Every crew was on deck.

"What we will do is send them home to get some rest and then call them back in this evening," Canady said.

Same story for Shelby County road crews.

They told WREG when the snow falls overpasses, bridges and main routes will be their priority.

Memphis city crews also started early Monday morning prepping the roads. They said crews will work well into the night too, and their plows are fueled up and ready to go.

They're asking drivers to stay home if they can.

Ice and snow just blanketed the Mid-South on Friday. It caused many problems on the roads.

We saw cars slip and slide into medians, poles and ditches. We even saw one vehicle spin out on the flyover.

Memphis police officers said they responded to more than 300 crashes.

"Rural roads for sure were real bad. There are still some out there covered in ice," said driver Clay Varner.

Drivers said side streets were the worst.

"Neighborhood roads and plazas with shops. I went to a Subway where the whole parking lot was a sheet of ice. Cars were sliding," said driver Lisa Bell. "I plan to get home early. I think they said it's supposed to start at 6 p.m. Just get home early, and stay in for the night."

City officials are warning you: if you have to drive leave yourself plenty of time, and take it slow.