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I-55 pre-treated, but no pre-treatment for DeSoto County roads

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. -- Salt and sand trucks stood at the ready throughout DeSoto County Monday afternoon, but the county's road department has no plans to pre-treat roads ahead of Monday night's forecast snowfall.

Interstate 55 and other state-controlled highways, however, have been pre-treated.

A spokesman for the Mississippi Department Transportation confirmed as much to WREG late Monday after another MDot representative told WREG earlier in the day that the agency had no plans to pre-treat.

That second MDot representative had said interstates like I-55 would be assessed once snow started to fall.

The update was welcome news to drivers.

"I-55 is one of the most busiest back and forth areas, you know, of stretch of interstate," said Kylen Darden.

But many were disappointed to learn the county wouldn't be doing any pre-treatment on its roads.

"It just means we're gonna be slipping and sliding all over here," said Krupal Patel.

The DeSoto County Road Department told WREG it has plows available to scrape up any snow and will also be applying salt and sand to roads if needed.

It isn't stopping some drivers from wishing for more.

"Obviously, the weather forecast is kind of hard to see, but this one you can see on the radar. It's definitely coming, so I wish they'd put something out," said Joe Saia.