Mid-South road and emergency crews prepare for second round of snow

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The snowflakes have already started to fall in some areas. Crews say, they're ready to take action to keep us safe.

Mid-South road and emergency crews are preparing for a second round of snow.

Tennessee Department of Transportation crews, city and county road crews and the Shelby County Office of Preparedness are working overtime, getting ready for the big freeze.

Monday night a city of Memphis spokesperson said eight city crews are out treating the roads. The message from officials as we look to Tuesday and the snow is to be prepared.

On Monday night some parts of the Mid-South were already seeing a light snow.

Throughout the day we saw people fueling up, getting ready for up to several inches of snow.

"You never know what could happen if we lose power or how many days we could be without power. You know, we're just being prepared for whatever may come," said Jeremy Grace.

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Another resident, Alexandra Bethel, explained what she was doing to prepare.

"We are getting gas, then going to go to the grocery store to get extra blankets," she said.

Those are all things Dale Lane, Director of the Shelby County Office of Preparedness, suggests.

His team is monitoring the weather throughout the night.

"We're monitoring our power grid. When we have temperatures that are going to drop this low, we make sure all of our critical systems runs smoothly. We make sure law enforcement has everything they need so they don't get overwhelmed with a particular area," said Lane.

Multiple agencies spent the day prepping. WREG was told there’s already several Shelby County trucks loaded up with a salt and sand mixture ready to hit the streets when the snow hits.

In the city limits of Memphis, crews have been working since 7 a.m. Monday morning treating the roads with salt brine, continuing through the night.

It's a change from less than a week ago, when constant rain forced crews to skip laying brine because it would wash away.

As we look to Tuesday, a city spokeswoman tells us snow plows will be sent to areas where snow accumulation is two to three inches.

Along with the county and city, TDOT spent the day treating the interstates. All hands were on deck as the entire district was working.

"What we’re going to do is have guys come in this evening, and we’ll have them stationed just to be ready to tackle this weather as the snow starts to fall," said Christian Canady, District Operation Supervisor with TDOT.

As the snow falls, Bethel plans to do what we often suggest.

"Keep your babies in the house, all your animals and then just stay in the house and stay warm," she said.

Again, when it comes to the road priority is given to bridges and overpasses.