Police: Second victim pronounced dead in South Memphis double shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A second victim in a double shooting in South Memphis has been pronounced dead, police say.

Police took a suspect in custody after two people were shot near Vance and Lauderdale early Sunday morning.

Police received a call to the 300 block of Cleaborn around 4:15 a.m., where they found two males with gunshot wounds.

One was pronounced dead. The other was taken to Regional One in critical condition.

Kierra Hunt's daughter and niece are only 10 and 6-years-old, but they already know what gunshots sound like.

"My sister told me the children woke her up and let her know they heard gunshots. When they told her, they looked out the window and saw two bodies on the ground," Hunt said.

"That's extremely sad that they even looked out the window to see the body - that's what I'm more upset about," Hunt said.

She and her daughter were staying the night with her sister and niece, while just a few doors down, bullets were flying.

"It was horrible. Like, oh my God. It's so close to my sister's house - I can walk outside and be in the crime scene. It was just too close," Hunt said.

A woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told WREG the violence broke out just feet from her doorstep while her daughter was having a party.

She says the shooting happened after she made people leave.

The suspect, who is known by the victims, is in custody, police said.

No charges have been filed.