Police: Car thief tried to run down officers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Police say a man stole a car someone was working on at a transmission shop at Getwell and Barron on Thursday, then tried to hit some police officers and slammed into another vehicle.

Thanks to OnStar police were able to catch up to the stolen Mustang at Lamar and Pendleton.

Latavious Foster has been charged in the crime.

Gabriel Alcazar's wife opened a hair salon across the street from where the car was stolen .

He says they were already nervous about crime in the neighborhood and even put up surveillance cameras the carjacking was the last thing they wanted to hear about.

"It's scary cause we got cars, my wife has cars. When I'm not working, I'm here," Alcazar said.

Police say when officers surrounded the car, Foster tried to hit one officer and then ran into two unmarked vehicles nearly hitting another officer.

They say foster took off down Lamar into oncoming traffic, lost control and hit an SUV.

Alcazar says he's shocked someone went through all of that for a car.

"I mean you can lose your life over a car to me it's not good," Alcazar said.

The 2007 Mustang that was stolen was worth about $11,000.

Foster will make his first court appearance on Tuesday.

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