Crews work around the clock to keep Dyersburg roads clear

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DYERSBURG, Tenn. —Dyersburg faced a winter wonderland despite the snow plows and salt trucks working hard to clear roadways for drivers.

For some, it’s perspective that outshines the constant drizzle of snow blocking the chance of sunlight.

“My wife has been worried about me she said I’ve been chewing off all my nails but you have to have patience and be careful,” Don Garner, of Garner Landscape and Design said.

Garner looked at Friday’s snow day as a chance to lend a hand by keeping slick roads and lots as safe as possible.

“That’s a salt dog it holds 500 pounds of salt got the spreader than the scoop for the sidewalk,” Garner said.

When WREG caught up with him he’d already spread 30-thousand pounds of salt throughout Dyersburg making sure to make his rounds to restaurants and businesses sure to see traffic.

“We got up 12 o’clock and we went through about 3 pallets of salt we are steadily putting it down at restaurants and driveways,” Garner said.

Ice, sleet, slushy conditions, then snow mixed with powerful winds a combination that only made things worse.

Garner says things got pretty messy on the Missouri Tennessee state line.

“When I was coming back the Dyersburg I saw an 18 wheeler he had lost control and he was over on the right-hand side,” Garner said.

The snow fell so quickly that some trucks got stuck and needed a tow truck to come remove them.

Despite the snow flurries, those who still wanted to get out took their chances and in order to keep customers safe, some businesses took measures to ensure safety like salting sidewalks to keep people from slipping.

As for Garner, he says it all comes down to playing it safe as inches of snow continued to pile up.

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