Police: Man killed in Fox Meadows shooting, three people detained

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department is investigating a shooting call in the 3700 block of S. Mendenhall in Fox Meadows.

Authorities arrived to the scene at 3:15 p.m.

A man was located with a gunshot wound and was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

He later died from his injuries.

"I saw a guy standing outside the car, and he was yelling at somebody. I heard noise and my daughter was like 'mom let's stop' and I said no, because somebody might start shooting over there," said Melissa Davis, a witness.

Moments later, they did.

Listening to her intuition, Melissa Davis, a mom of six, says she never stopped.

"Something was not right when I went pass there. It just didn't feel right," said Davis.

Investigators covered the massive crime scene for several hours at a busy shopping plaza.

Family and friends arrived on the scene overwhelmed with emotion after losing a loved one.

"Now I know what happened, somebody got murdered basically in front of my eyes, and I didn't even know what was going on.

Police say the shooting doesn't appear to be a drive-by. Witnesses say, it was more like a hit and run. Shots were fired and the gunman ran across the street to an apartment complex where three people were detained.

"It's too much going on here, you know this is a city we used to love. Now it's hard to be here, because it's not the city it's the people," said Davis. "They get upset to easy, and they're quick to pull out a gun."

Davis tells me she lived in this neighborhood for years before eventually moving. She says today's gun play makes it clear leaving was the right choice.

"The gang violence, the shooting, the drugs and people breaking into people`s home and stuff," said Davis. "I stayed here maybe three and half years and I decided to go and take my kids somewhere else."

Three people have been detained. No arrests have been made.