Sherra Wright will be back in a California Court Monday

MEMPHIS, TN - Sherra Wright may be denying she is the person police want in the murder of her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright.  The  move will delay her being brought back to Memphis.

But WREG has learned her family is preparing for what happens when she does return.

High profile Defense Attorney Steve Farese has confirmed his Mississippi law firm has been contacted by Sherra Wright`s family to represent her.

He says that decision will be made by the time she returns.

Meanwhile, those who knew Sherra and Lorenzen as a couple, hope upcoming trials finally clear up what happened in the high-profile murder.

"I had an opportunity to counsel both of them together a couple of times," says Memphis Pastor Bill Adkins. He was Lorenzen and Sherra`s neighbor and counseled them during some stormy parts of their marriage.

Lorenzen's murder was always suspicious to him, especially the rumors that he was killed in a drug deal.

"We never bought into the story of the guys knocking on the door wearing trench coats in the month of July in Memphis. Knowing Lorenzen as I knew him, I never believed he would have any involvement in dealing drugs or selling drugs," says Adkins.

He says the story tarnished Lorenzen's name and he hopes a trial will finally clear it up.

"I didn't buy into the whole story. I always thought something was askew, something was terribly wrong with that story," says Adkins.

Adkins is one of several people in Memphis contacted by national media outlets for interviews about Lorenzen and Sherra.
News programs and reportedly movie producers from around the country have taken a new interest in the case, with Lorenzen`s notoriety and now the person once the closet to him charged with killing him.

"We maybe don't get the scope or the scale of how big this is outside of Memphis, but it is pretty big," says Adkins.

Stay with WREG for the latest Monday as Sherra Wright goes before a judge in California.