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53 car break-ins reported within 3 months in Berclair

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Within three months time and within a one mile radius, police say dozens of cars have been busted, broken-into or otherwise burglarized by crooks looking to profit off someone else's hard work.

A neighborhood in Berclair said it's overrun with the problem we first told you about on Wednesday.

Douglas Gray is a victim. He said it was a peaceful afternoon in late November. He moved his car, so his family could deep fry a turkey in the driveway on Hillmont.

"I moved it, and I didn't lock it this one time. We were outside! Our dogs were outside!" he said.

Later that day, he found his car in shambles and a few things missing including his wife's purse that carried sentimental items. He filed a police report.

"You know, like the first love note I wrote her ten years ago was in that purse," he said. "Don't take stuff that's personal possessions of my wife. Stuff that's going to make her cry. Then I just get angry."

Turns out, he wasn't the only neighbor who felt that anger.

Wednesday we told you about a rash of car break-ins on Owen near Avon that were all caught on camera.

You saw several guys, some with sheets draped over their heads, ransack vehicles.

It gets worse. Between October 1 and December 30 within a mile radius of Owen and Avon, MPD reports 53 car burglaries.

That's right, that's about one car break-in every day.

Not to mention, that's not including the folks we talked to who never called the police.

"I've been in bigger cities and never had this kind of stuff going on," said Gray. "If someone wants to steal money from me, good luck finding it. But if I had it, I'd share it. : Whatever I got, I'd share with anybody that needs it."

MPD said they always step up patrols after a crime is reported.

They ask if you have any information to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.