Police arrest two for shooting at apartments with kids inside

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Several families at the Alpha Renaissance apartments in South Memphis had a startling beginning to 2018. Police said two men fired several rounds of bullets at their apartment building.

"My grandbaby was sitting there. I told them, ‘Go back in there and get down on the floor,'" said Beulah Marr.

She showed the bullet holes left behind in the windows of her apartment.

"They were shooting 15, 20 rounds," she said.

Across the hall, Sharnae Dillard had holes too; except one went through her wall.

“I just heard a loud boom and I’m thinking, seeing stuff flying in the air," Dillard said.

But when she realized what it was, it hurt, even though it missed her by a few feet.

“The hole in my wall is this big. Anybody could’ve been in my room. That bullet could’ve came through my wall and took somebody head off,” Dillard said.

Police said Rodney Wright, 18, and Marcus Walker, 23, fired enough bullets to hit at least three apartments. A friend of the suspects told neighbors they were playing around with guns. But it’s not a joke to Dillard.

“There are kids over here. Shouldn’t be doing it. It's not no accident, however they try to put it,” she said.

Officers said the shots were fired from building on Gaither Street, which backs up into the apartment complex. They said they arrested one suspect in the parking lot and arrested another suspect inside.

WREG knocked on all four doors at the address but only one person came to the door. She said she didn’t know Wright or Walker.

Police said they’re now in jail and facing charges of reckless endangerment.

But neighbors are still fearful.

"Every gunshot I hear, I gotta wake up. I can’t go to sleep because of that. Cause y'all wanna shoot? then it’s kids. Y'all don’t care," Dillard said.

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