Frozen pipe floods Hickory Hill home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Pipes across the area are bursting under extremely cold temperatures.

Tonight, the Moore family is doing all they can to clean up the water that's flooding into their Hickory Hill home.

A pipe in their home froze overnight and burst inside their bedroom wall.

"I just heard water gushing, out" Memphis resident Alicia Moore said.

"We didn't see any water, but we heard it. I went outside and that's when I noticed water was shooting from the faucet," Moore said.

"When I saw that, I called Memphis Light, Gas and Water and I reported it," Moore said. "When I came in, it was coming from in the corner and it was just shooting everywhere."

Water could be seen seeping into their bedrooms, causing a huge mess.

"As fast as we were ringing it out, it was coming right back in," Moore said.

MLGW shut the water off, but Moore says the crew told her to contact her landlord at GM Realty to fix the pipe.

She says she called and was put on hold for "about two hours."

She never spoke with anyone at GM Realty but WREG was there when Moore spoke with a man from 901 Plumbing who says he was sent by her landlord.

He cut a hole in the wall, fixed the pipe and turned her water back on.

Now, Moore says freezing cold air is coming through the wall because the plumber could not fix it.

If this happens to you, MLGW says you can cut off your water valve in your home.

For many, it's located under the kitchen sink.

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